Why are all the makeup Makuri stages races?

Makuri is moving so quickly I missed stages 3 and 4 and wanted to do the make up in a group. But the only option is a race. Why is that?

Make up week hasn’t started yet, currently still on satge 5, stage 6 starts later today.

As I mentioned on the other thread, there is often confusion between Tour of Makuri Islands and Race Makuri. They are not the same thing.

If you’re looking in the Events tab of the Companion app, you can tap on Filters and uncheck the box that says Races, then tap on Apply Filters. Then you should not see any races in the upcoming events.

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Probably not a good idea for Zwift to name it this way. I thought you make it up anytime because it ends Nov 30. Kind of confusing. TDZ so clear. Some makuri stages are only 2 days which I didn’t realize . Anyway I did a free ride today

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You can make it up any time. Just ride the route any which way, it does not need to be in an “event”. Via the Tour Makuri tile, you can see which is outstanding for you and simply freeride. Or ride it during a workout. You can even do one of the races or another event if it matches one of the stage routes you have not completed.
That’s the beauty of it…

My point is I want to ride t in a group. I don’t want to ride it alone.