UI Confusion: Race Makuri includes... all events?

I put this under General as it kind of defies category - Is it an Event? Race Series?

On the game home screen, when “Z/Racing - Race Makuri - Nov 2022” is selected, a slide out window appears showing 50% Complete, 3/6 Events" (all good).

Clicking the “Events” button at the bottom brings me to an events page. Said event page has…all events. Group Rides, Group Workouts, Races. Most of them are NOT in Makuri.

Soooo… is the implication here I do any of those and it’s credited toward the “Race Makuri” series, or do I need to go find the next, branded “Race Makuri” event in the Companion App?

Ngl: if the latter, that’s seems like a pretty massive UI oversight.

Conversely, the “Tour of Makuri Islands” UI shows stages, and below the stage you’ve selected, a series of free rides or events you can choose from. This is logical.

Have noticed the same–broken link, I had figured.

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How would you actually know, the routes aren’t listed on the events in the game UI… still unbelievable that this basic info hasn’t been added in game yet…


Oh, yeah, that too. I was going off the image on the card - most seemed to feature France or Watopia.

I think a bit of that is on the organizers: some put a data block in the Event Description that makes the route clear.

The Tour de France isn’t always in France. :man_shrugging:

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