Tour of Makuri Islands [2022]

Tour of Makuri Islands is our most accessible tour yet! When riding the Tour of Makuri Islands, you can choose to complete each stage during scheduled group rides, on your own as a free ride, or club event! You also can check off any stage whenever it works for you! Simply select the route you would like to complete between November 3 - 30 and ride the full route to get the credit. Eagle-eyed Zwifters may see that you will need to wait a bit to complete stages 5 and 6. Wouldn’t want you to “coast” through the tour too quickly :slight_smile: . More details on the Tour of Makuri Islands rides can be found here on the FAQ.

The Tour of Makuri Islands for runners is an event series, meaning you don’t need to register. It is slightly different from the ride campaign as you will need to join Tour of Makuri Islands run events to unlock the tour swag. To learn more about the Run event series, you can check out the FAQ here.

Want to see the latest? Join a group ride and explore with the community.

We will also be including some awesome unlocks along the way:

  • Sunglass
  • Socks
  • Visor
  • Tour of Makuri Islands Kit

Tour of Makuri Islands includes roads that have not been released yet. So, stay tuned for more information on the remaining stages! Want to learn more about Tour of Makuri Islands? Check out the Tour of Makuri Islands main page.

Looking forward to it. See some of the new routes already on each stage page. Not sure if tech issues for wanting to delay of new route images showing or starting give hints to general public. Some new routes look fun 90min-2hr endurance rides. Need to make makuri an always open map for free riding now.


I like this…

Here is a video that I made going over the details along with some speculation about Urukazi! Tour of Makuri Islands Announced + Urukazi Speculation - YouTube. Article: Tour of Makuri Islands Announced - ZRace Central


So I guess this means that the third Makuri map is released on the 18th of November (as that is when stage 5 becomes available). EDIT: As James below says he has the 10th off to collect the badges I guess that means the new roads are going to be released earlier than the 18th.

You can see the new route maps if you follow the link below. It looks like the new map is located to the north of Neokyo. The big bridge in the north west being one connection and the other being in the tunnel that connects Neokyo and the Yumezi maps.


Pictures like this:
Give me much happiness!
Unfortunately, the dirt of Urukazi will be super far away from the dirt of Yumezi, so harder to do long solely-dirt rides. :neutral_face: It also looks to be just as flat as Yumezi, based on ToMI stage stats.
But still awesome! This looks to be bridging nicely out to Mt. Fuji, and the attached picture helps make for a longer ride on different roads!

Yay bridge! It taunts me every time I ride past it…

Only the top left of that is new btw.

I know. It’s still fun though!

155km of new routes.

I have November 10th booked off work to get all the badges :slight_smile:


I pieced together some pre-released map of entire Mkuri Islands till date. See it on my blog site.

I think you should host a series: Badge Hunter

I would probably sign up…which I have never done…sign up for an event that is…oh wait…I did the Cermic Speed one and Everest…

I pieced it together which is shown in my blogsite too. Make sense?


That’s what I got. Bridge up from Urukazi and you get Fuji!
I kind of hope there isn’t anything in the ? area. It would be cool to have a little area (like Urukazi) be far away from anything else, and you have to go a ways to get there.

Do you mean 155km of new routes once Urukazi comes out? Like the 8 new routes =155km?

All the new routes, including those which span all three areas comes to around 155k


The kit looks great, I would really like to buy a real version of it! Please consider making one!

I sure hope this has been fully tested, I can see it causing issues with stages not being credited. Zwiftinsider even mentions that Meetups will count. Historically this has not been the case and during recent events like Zwift Academy, doing one of the workouts in a meetup didn’t count. I hope for the support team’s sake you did your due diligence.

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Same bug, different day

Great to see there is a longer and shorter group ride, plus a separate race event using the shorter route, for stage 1 of this tour. \o/

With some trepidation I did a workout on Chasing the Sun this morning.

Tour of Makuri Islands 17% completed on the companion app. :+1:

Of course, the link from the progress bar in the companion app is broken, but you can’t have everything! :grin: