Tour leaderboard/results

Hello. I’m new to Zwift and completed the stage 1 race of the ‘Tour of Makuri Islands’ (category B) last night. Is there anywhere to see the results/leaderboard of the tour? I can’t seem to find anything about this.



Welcome to the forums @Josh_Stewart

You can access leaderboard via Zwftpower League menu or via your race results in sub-menu (look for 2022 Race Makuri).

Actually, I just looked and couldn’t see you listed so presume you have not signed up to ZP, or use a different name?!?! I found one kiwi Josh Stewart in the Companion App with a Tour of Makuri group ride 15hours ago, could that be you by chance?

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I have a feeling that you rode the Tour of Makuri which although it might have felt like a race it was actually a group ride - which most people race !!

I think Zwift have made it quite difficult to follow because they also are running a Race Makuri series at the same time. And to make matters even worse both today were on Castle to Castle.

I don’t think there is a leaderboard for the ride you did today.

Hopefully you have time to race Stage 1 Race Makuri tomorrow and can then find yourself on the leaderboard that Dean has mentioned. Do sign up for ZwiftPower.

When searching for Races on the Companion App set filter to Race and don’t include Group Rides.

Race On.

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Thank you for your help Ian, that is exactly what has happened. I’ve now signed up to Zwift Power and have completed the 1st stage race. Cheers!