Tour of Makari Islands progress

I rode the first stage of the TOMI on the 5th am. The ride shows on the companion app but there’s nothing on the progress bar and the TOMI page won’t open on the app either. I did have to go back into Zwift as the ride hadn’t saved and for some reason it now shows twice on the app. When I finished the ride there was a message on the screen saying as much but something has clearly gone awry. Any thoughts before I ride the route again?


Same here. I did it on Nov 2. 0% on the progress bar. :frowning_face:

Yep! Same here. I lost the “server connection” when I arrived at the 1st castle in the countryside, and all of the riders in my group disappeared. I completed Stage 1 and the event was “saved locally,” but never uploaded into my rider profile.

I decided to ride Stage 1 again on Saturday, and I was awarded the “glasses” in my garage. I have to say . . . WHAT a difference when you finish within the group (finished 8th) compared to riding all alone crossing the glowing finish banner. Max watts on the first ride was 200. The second ride was Max watts of 320 on the Kick’r bike! WHEWWWwwwwww!

~Ride ON Champions!

I’m wondering now if the progress bar is only reflecting tour rides(not races)???

Worked for me in a race

That’s exactly what happened to me. I rode the shorter route this morning instead, not quite the same.

Will try the stage 2 long ride tmrw maybe.