How do you access the Makuri tour routes "on demand"

Can anyone help me with this? I’m wanting to complete each Tour of Makuri stage but am limited when and for how long I can ride. I only fit in a max of three rides a week so I don’t really want to repeat a stage yet and missed stage 1. The routes are supposed to be available “on demand” but my time/day to ride seems to always be when Makuri Islands isn’t showing as an option to ride in. This makes the stages not “on demand”. Am i missing something here? Eg i want to ride tomorrow morning in NZ. Stage 5 isnt available as an event yet then but it looks like I won’t be able to access Makuri either. Zwift support told me they’re available on demand, but see above. Is there some secret place I should be looking? :face_with_spiral_eyes: I guess I should clarify I’m using a tablet, not TV, in case that is the reason to not see “on demand” options but didn’t see anything about this in the descriptions or FAQs.

You can access any world, any time via two methods that work on any platform. First, you can create a Meetup on that world (you just need to invite one Follower, and they don’t need to show up). Second, if you have the new home screen you can start a workout on any world/route you want, then quit the workout as soon as it starts and free ride.

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Info on how to access.

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Thanks so much! I’ll try the meetup trick!

As soon as you spawn into the Meetup you can quit it and free ride. That way you don’t have to wait until the scheduled start time, and you lose the yellow beacon over your avatar.

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I think that as this is an ‘on demand’ tour the route you want to ride is available to you at all times even when the world is not on rotation.

Go to the Tour of Makuri at the top row of your Home Screen and select it.
Choose the stage you want to do.
Your options include free ride option.
Click on the long or short ride you want to do and you will be taken to the start of your chosen route.


Thanks. On the tablet even though the app is upgraded to the most recent version available, we don’t get the new home screen. The meetup worked for now. Cheers!

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