Makuri not showing in world map

Hi All,

What am i missing here. I am noticing this on my Macbook and iOS apps. I used to see Makuri routes on the Free Ride section at the bottom of the main rides screen on my Macbook but none of the Makuri routes are showing now… It seems to have disappeared within the last week. The other thing i noticed is that on my iPad when you click on the World icon in the upper left corner. Should i expect to see Makuri as one of the worlds? I am seeing Watopia, London and Yorkshire. Am i missing updates?

What am i missing here?


the worlds change every couple of days Zwift Course Calendar – Current Guest World Schedule | Zwift Insider will let you know which world is on what date

watopia is always available, then you have 2 rotating worlds


To add to this, you can get into most worlds by organising a meetup or club event in companion for that world. In the case of meetups you will need to invite someone - but they don’t have to join you. In the case of clubs, you will need to be able to create a club event.

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If you want Makuri select a pace partner then do what you want.

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Click the “World Schedule” link in game, seen on the screencap you provided.

Thanks Gareth, this is a bit of a hassle for me. I am more of a casual rider and would rather just have the ability to do a free ride on any of the routes at any time :frowning:

You’ll need to work around this problem because limited guest worlds are Zwift’s way of doing things. One option is to create a custom workout that includes only a 10 second free ride. When you start the workout you can choose a Makuri route for it. Keep riding the route after the workout ends. That’s as easy as it gets.

Nice hint =)