Whoa! Error logging in

Hi Zwift,

Every time there is an update, the Zwift App downloads on my tablet, unzips, shows me the login screen with my account name. I go to press log in and I get

"Whoa! There was an error logging in with that account! "

  1. Why?
  2. Please fix it?
  3. Why is there no email support available?

To fix this I have to uninstall the app, re install the app, find my password and login again…if I just want to have a quick ride and this appears it is a 10-15min process…doesn’t seem like much but when you have a young family ALL time spent on hobbies is precious!
Please help and sort this!

What be awesome (like most apps) is the update and download cycle does not require a WHOA! Error login.



No need to reinstall etc…

Just click Change User in the bottom left and then Add Existing User.

Chances are you’ll have your credentials saved so a couple of screen taps later and you’ll be sorted.

Thanks for the reply. Seems a bit strange to have to add another user every time, but it might be the fix. I will see what happens at the next update.

Does this not mean Zwift look like they have more users than they actually have? :slight_smile:

No because you’re not creating a new user, you’re adding an existing user. It’s as if a current Zwift user is using your device to login for the street time. Only that user it’s you.

I have to do this every time on my tablet, but not my phone which are both Android devices.

It’s never really bothered me though as the logon credentials are stored so the username and password are auto populated.

You might end up with two identical usernames on the logon page but again that’s not really an issue.