Woa! Loggin Error

Hi. When logging in to game on Apple TV the response I get is “Woa! There was an error logging in with that account information. Did you change your password? It only has “OK” as a option. Clicking “OK” does nothing.
If I select “Change User” and select “Add Existing User” it tells me “that email exists already”. The only other option is “Create New User” which I haven’t tried because I don’t know if this may reset what I have already accomplished on Zwift.
Do I delete and reinstall the app?
Please help.
Thanks Mike.

I had a similar issue on Monday on Android app and I couldn’t log in. Somehow my stored password had been changed since Sunday, after checking things on PC app I sorted it by retyping password on my mobile. Very odd few minutes, never had that happen before.

Steve Thanks for the reply.

Weirdly last night the app under change user asked for email and password then replied email already exists and I could not continue.

This morning under change user, after I typed email it asked if I wanted to reset password. Wasn’t given that option last night. I answered yes and it sent a link to my email to reset. Opened email clicked link, reset, and now it’s good.

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