Apple TV "There was an error logging in to that account"

Got this message this am. Reset ATV, checked network, checked account, eventually used Macbook to do the workout which worked fine. Looks similar to this closed case.

i have like this daily on iPad :slight_smile:
click ok and try again, 2-4 try and will log in :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe some day this will be fixed

This is not normal.

Please contact Zwift by compleating a Zwift Ticket and give them your log file.

How to find your log file.

I figured this out. I would say I’m a drooling idiot, but that would insult the intelligence of actual drooling idiots! I changed my account email a while back and forgot to change it on my ATV as well. I guess it finally got around to re-authenticating or whatever and the old email didn’t work anymore. Put in the new email and it works fine. Not sure what could be done by Zwift to improve this, other than maybe immediately invalidate all devices so persons with short memories like myself will recall having changed their email recently. Thanks for your help!

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