Oops wrong email/password. Lets try this again

Hi Zwifters,

I am having login issues with a new Windows machine. Normally i use my Mac to run Zwift with no issues at all. Today i grabbed my new Windows machine to take advantage of a larger screen. When i try to enter the app i get “oops wrong email/password. Lets try this again” it’s really weird as i have already logged into Zwift but when the app tries to load i get the above error.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, i have also logged out both my Mac and the companion app, however the Windows machine still wont log in.

Any ideas?

At what point are you getting the error?

When the launcher program runs? Or is it letting you login to that but failing later on?

Make sure you have the latest launcher as this can cause issues.

I get the welcome page with my user on the top right hand side fine. Then when you click “lets go” it tries to load then i get the login error

Hard to say what it might be - on some Apple devices tabbing from the username field to the password field introduces a blank space in the username.

If you want to reset and start with a fresh password - Instructions are on the Support Hub.

Hi! Did you solve it?

I had to turn off my VPN and then it worked.
This helped (adding things in brackets because links aren’t supported (why???)