Mac OS Log in issue

I just installed the Mac OS app on my laptop. When opening the app, username/password is entered. When I click on “Let’s Go”, the app takes me to the next screen but says “Oops. Wrong email/password Let’s try this again.” It also says to check my internet connection.

Am I missing something here?

Hi @Luis_Andrade1, welcome to Forums. This is Juan here from Zwift. I’m glad to see you here looking up for help from our community. Thanks for the detailed explanation, as well as the screenshots.

I comprehend how essential it is for you to get access to your account. Let’s bring you back on track. Relating the Internet Notice to the Email/Password Problem, I have an idea what’s going on here. There are three possible causes.

  • Your internet connection is down.
  • Zwift can’t connect to our servers through your internet connection.
  • Your account has a temporary password that needs to be changed.

Most likely you have experienced the second one. I’d like to suggest you temporarily disable any VPN or network security program that is running. This can occur when a network security program on the computer blocks access to Zwift servers and is most common on computers operated by work or school.

Let’s try it and tell us how it goes. I highly recommend opening a support ticket by contacting us. That way, we can provide you with personalized assistance. We will be happy to help.

Hi @Luis_Andrade1 welcome to Zwift forums.

In addition to what my colleague @Juan_Lopez10 said - check to make sure there isn’t an extra space character in either your email field or the password field. An invisible space either before or after the email (or password) is common, especially if you use the Tab key to move from email to PW.

I’m currently in the trial period but signed up for monthly access. Would being in the trial period have anything to do with it?