Oops something went wrong

I keep getting
Oops something went wrong
Cant find page
When logging on my windows 10 PC
Any ideas

What page(s)/site?

Me too - happens when I try to log in:

I’ve reported it, but to re-iterate here: I’ve checked network, even re-installed and re-updated the app. same, can’t get past login. Username password are unchanged and work for the site, just can’t get into the app. Was fine earlier in the week on the same machine.

One thing that may be of note, it looks like the font in the text is unstyled, I can’t remember if it normally is, if so, it suggests it’s not loading stylesheets correctly?

I’ve checked log files: Launcher_log.txt has uncontroversial stuff about update checks, Log.txt has not been written to for 5 days. I wondered about permissions so I moved it out of the way, but saw no change to the behaviour.

ComputerSpecs.txt mentions this, but googling suggests it’s not serious?

+++ WER7 +++:
Fault bucket 1927392483928902786, type 5
Event Name: RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: ZwiftApp.exe
P3: 10.0.17134.2.0.0

So, after no response from Zwift support and 2 days of an unusable application, it suddenly started working again. I am no wiser as to the cause or solution to this.

Edit: I spent some time playing with somethings. Since I had a previous issue that just resulted in a white screen when I opened the app which was fixed by allowing some scripts in Internet Explorer to run, I went and played with that some more. I changed by IE Security settings to Medium and now it works.

Digging up this old thread because I am currently experiencing the same issue. Did anyone ever find a fix?

Sent a ticket into Zwift and now awaiting a response.

Regardless of which browser you use in Windows (e.g., Chrome, Opera, etc…) The fix is to reset your Internet Explorer settings.

I am not on Windows so I do not know if this problem is new and introduced as a result of something Zwift did or if it is the result of users locking down their settings too far. Again, if you reset your IE settings to default, that should fix the issue. If you’re more advanced, you can look at opening up Active X and/or Active Scripting.