M1 Air Macbook - Can't login to Zwift despite credentials being correct

I can’t seem to progress past the announcements screen on my M1 Macbook Air even though my login credentials work on the initial login screen.

I get 2 errors (in order) after logging in and clicking ‘Let’s Go’:

  1. Oops. Wrong email/password. Let’s try this again. [This is where I enter my username and password again, which produces the next error]
  2. Failed to log in. Check internet connection. [Entering my username and password again can’t get me past this error. I get stuck here.]

I’m finding this strange, as I’m Zwifting fine from my iPhone 14 Pro and my login credentials work on the initial screen.

Some pictures below.

I’ve getting this as well on my PC.

Hi @James_Hoare

Welcome back to the forums!

Sometimes Apple devices lose the log in information and this can happen. When logging in, click on “Change User” then “Add Existing User”, then manually enter in your username (email) and password, do not let your device auto populate that in. Then click Let’s Go and see if that works. If that doesn’t, click on “Forgot Password” and go that route.

If all that fails, reach out to our support team and we can continue troubleshooting from there.