Who moved Mt Fuji to France?!

A relentless climb it is and it was a great way to start off May with another badge down. Seriously though, I know that studies have shown that the good people over the Pond don’t really know where anywhere else in the World is and that probably includes Canada, but….Mt Fuji in France. You have to laugh.

There is a bug where you finish and try and descend and end up climbing to be line again and then it sorts itself out. The fishing out of 250 XP regularly made the XP at the end about the same as riding with a quick pace partner on TF :white_check_mark:

Ride on - if not in Japan. Dave.

Hi @Dave_Owen_KRT_Titani
Glad you got a chance to preview Mt Fuji, hope it was a cool ride, the bug not withstanding.

Can you elaborate on what you mean about this? By any chance, did you grab a video screenshot?

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Hey @shooj and thanks ever so for picking this up. I didn’t get a video shot, apologies. Let me try and explain.
I went over the finish line and around the loop. I did not press anything on the Companion app, or the ATV control.
I went back through the finish line - thinking that as usually happens, we get that easy ride and loads of XP on the descent.
What happened was that I was placed back on the last segment of the climb.
I rode back to the finish line and around the loop and then I started to do what was expected and it all went well from there. You can probably see my extra elevation gained from my ride file.
Ride on and many thanks,
Dave. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Appreciate the extra context. I’ve pulled your game log and asked our QA folks to investigate.

If you do happen to try it again and can reproduce - please manually use the Video Screenshot feature to capture the previous 15 seconds?

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For that brutal relentless effort, here is the deal - as I have beta and then accumulated 1.5 million XO, bump me up to the L100 where I should be and I’m all over it. :white_check_mark::crossed_fingers::pray:


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XP even.

Followup: the logs don’t indicate anything out of the ordinary. If you are able to reproduce and capture what you’re seeing, it would help a ton.

For anyone else reading along: please also capture video if you run into this issue as you’re cresting the Mt Fuji climb portal and coming back down. TIA.

I started to climb it yesterday on 100% difficulty and it took me 25 minutes just to get to the 2nd arch… I turned around at that point :grin:

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