Keep Robopacers in France Please

As per subject.
I know this is a TDF special arrangement but please please keep France in rotation after the tour.
So great to have some new variety to the schedule

Yes please!!!

I ride 60km with Genie group yesterday, it was great. Much more enjoyable than Watopia.

Even the pack dynamics feels more normal with the moderate group sizes.


Agreed, we need to keep the Robopacers in France. I’d rather they were removed from Neokyo which as a world is more aligned with gimmicks & gaming rather than cycling. Nowhere do cyclists sprint along pedestrian precincts with pedestrians. The gaudy colours, the naff dancing, dancing dog & cycling through an arcade, where does that happen in the cycling world? France is one of the more enjoyable worlds for cycling around as it more realistic with real world cycling and should keep the Robopacers.

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I respectfully disagree. I find France extremely boring. If France is on the world rotation, I will avoid it. The only reason I’m doing any riding in France right now is to get to the Climb Portal of my choice by using this month’s challenge.
The variety of scenery in Makuri is much more appealing to me.

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Put the robopacers in the climb portal, or are these technically not loops?

We all have opinions and we cant all agree, even at the best of times​:blush:. I specifically mentioned Neokyo, not Makuri. Some routes in Makuri are ok but when it come to Neokyo, like your opinion on France, I avoid it as much as possible. I still feel Robopacers should be cycling around France. Have a great day :blush:


And you as well.