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I enjoyed today’s Stage 4 Group ride, which was supposed to be Muir and the Mountains. As it turns out it was Muir and Less Than Half the Mountain … not only did the stage not include the Radio Tower (which I’d been pacing myself for), but also it did not include the descent and return to Titan’s Grove … even more to my surprise, I got the “End of Stage” confetti flash with my time 2 seconds before I crossed the Epic KOM air bridge. Yes, I know it’s not a race, but I had prepared for something that I thought was going to be about 90min and include the Radio Tower wall, and just ended up kind of deflated by it all being over in less than an hour.

Going forward, is there a way to indicate on the sign up that the stage route is only loosely based on an existing loop, and where the stage finish is placed? Or if that was done, to make it more prominent to those registering on the companion app?

I was among those looking forward to reaping the descent XPs. Not so…

Oh well.

I decided to use the down hill section to cool off and collect some extra well deserved points.

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… as I have been bitten by Zwift not awarding if you continues riding past event end (and it should be easy to find others having similar experience), I decided to reduce the risk…

Glad it worked for you, though.

The stage is called “view from the top” witch suggest a mountain top finish.


Hi Gerrie,

Thanks - I don’t think that "custom distance’ was there on the registration page when I registered 10 days ago. I should have checked that little note tab before the start. I’ll have an eye out for that in the future, though.


It depends where you look. The website looks different to the companion app.