Nice new loop - Out & Back (or something like that)

I did the new’ish Out & Back loop last night which I enjoyed; decent length warm-up then up the volcano and the old KOM climb. Nice ride for an evening session, and my old legs do take some warming up so I like that before going up the climbs.

Just one question, is there a finish line? I’m assuming not, I did about 27/28 miles and didn’t see anything.

Start/finish line is the sprint finish line which is a kind of arch made of rock with a white line on the road. Doesn’t look like a lot from what I remember, so would have been quite easy to miss if you were sure what you were looking for.

If you did 27/28 miles you have done the route and started it again. :+1:

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Cheers Ricky, I know the point you mean.

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