Meetup - vEverest - ADZ and "laps"

We have setup a meet-up for tomorrow to attempt a vEverest.

I have selected the “fire and ice” route and I have a couple of questions

As it’s not a lap, what happens to the meetup session when we complete the route? I have the meetup for 10 hours with “everyone together” set.

Will I (meetup lead) be able control the group with a mass U-turn at the bottom?

Or will the meetup end after the first climb up? And then we are on our own?


I believe, but am not positive, that if you have this set as a meetup for 10 hours, it will run that long on that route. I do not think you can change the route along the way, either. In my meetup today the turn options didn’t even appear. (I didn’t check if the u-turn option was available.) I’m also not sure what will happen when you reach the top, but I’m guessing you will continue on along some sort of route, but it may not just be to the bottom of the Alpe and then turn around.

This may be a learning adventure!

don’t do that if you want to Everest. After descending you will not be able to u turn and it will take you either back to the spawn point or it will make you turn right and take you along some crazy route.

Aside from the other issues, I would double check if a ‘keep group together’ option would be recognized officially. My hunch says no, but I’m not the one who decides :). The reason is because the option can artificially speed people up to stay with the group. Yes, it can slow riders down, too, but I thought I read somewhere after some tests (zwift insider maybe?) that the speeds tend to be higher with this option. In theory someone could have a cadence of 10 in the easiest gear putting out 25watts and keep up with the group. I could see this being abused.

Yeah if he is trying to do an actual vEveresting as officiated by Hells 500 “keep everyone together” would be a big no no.