Meetup - Can you keep riding?

If i set up a meetup, and pick a route, will the meetup automatically end when the route completes, or can we just keep riding together? I’m asking because I’ve been challenged to a specific minimum distance and vertical, which I can’t cleanly get to with the preloaded routes (more specifically, i want to ride Road to Sky and then go down, and partway back up, then maybe ride some more, but with other(s)).

Hi @Mike_McGill, welcome to the forums. The last I checked Road to Sky still wasn’t available for meetups, but you can use tour of fire and ice. I would expect that the meetup would end at the top of the alp however, since that’s where the route ends. I’m not sure what would happen of you did a distance goal instead on this route?

Good question.

Edit: Road to Sky is back for meetups! That must be from the most recent update.

I would guess after the route end all riders will go random directions.

I think you can also create a meetup for a specific length of time, but I don’t know if there is a maximum length of time.But, if nothing else, after a meetup ends everyone can continue to ride along the same route (as long as no one selects to go back to some other world), though you would no longer be rubber-banded together (if that option was chosen for the meetup) and you would be able to see the other riders in the world (if that option was chosen for the meetup).

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Only one way down from the top of the alp though, once at the bottom I don’t think you can pull a U-turn while in a meetup. I wonder if it would just route you back to the start of Road to Sky and then on towards downtown Watopia (or other random directions at that point)?

I feel it is random. I led a few rides doing the Volcano climb after party and once we go down after the event I would sometimes go left and other times right.

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