Stage 4 Tour for all error?


My Stage 4 Tour for all stage hasn’t synced correctly and recognized as a Tour Stage. - I rode to the top, carried on for approx 500m then turned around and rode back down. I got a finishing time when going through the finish banner. - I’ve found the file and managed to import manually to Garmin and the data is complete and correct.

On the companion app it just appears as the below with none of the metrics / graphs if I click on it.

Any clues as i’d rather not do that stage again! Thanks

My Stage 4 data hasn’t saves properly either.

I did the Alpe … I rode up the top, around the loop then coasted to the bottom to make the total however it’s only recorded 18km and my companion app has an issue getting the data

@Ali_B and @R_Dawson_DIRT

Thanks both for flagging up a similiar-sounding issue. I looked at the back end, and it appears both of you completed your respective Stage 4 rides, but that credit isn’t being properly applied. Let us dig into this.

Hi Shuji,

Thanks for looking into this. While the ride has now been credited as completed it hasn’t recognised all my KMs.

Completing the climb then returning to the bottom should yield a distance of 30km.

Is this something you’re able to fix or should I raise a separate support ticket?


Hi i have the same issue. I completed the stage on sunday 17th and rode down to the bottom after but have not been credited with the stage after 2 hrs hard pedalling!!!

Can you help shuji ?

Hi All,

I have the same issue with Stage 4, I completed the route and rode to the bottom of the climb. The file saved ok and is visible in the Companion App, but it is not showing as completed on the Tour for All section.

Can you please update?



Hi Shuji,

I have the same problem! I rode the stage 4 but it was not saved properly.

Could you help us?


I have similar problem with last stage, stage 5. I finished it and I have screanshot with table of results. Unfocunately when i have look in phone aplication table of results im not in it. Table ended in 23 position, I finished in 32 position…In aplication look that I’m not startet in this event or I’m not finished it.

Is smal chance fix it?