Red numbers with 32 xp

Climbing Fuji i saw a seat of red numbers 5000 or 50000, but the came and went with my 32xp?
Any thoughts?

Can you give more details about where they were on your screen? The typo ‘seat’ is throwing me off too :slight_smile: (Not mocking, typos happen, just not sure what a seat of numbers is)

I looked up as i passed through an area symbol and waiting for a father or 10xp but got 32xp and i saw in red a number of 5000 to 500000 as it floated off. Maybe it’s a glitch. Didn’t seem to change anything?

sorry feather not father

Those would be likely the drops I think?

The +32XP seems like some bonus XP.

I did do Fuji the other day but only as a regular climb portal thing and not part of any particular event.

It was up on the top kinda left of the screen though, near where the powerup symbol would appear? Or over on the right near where the XP numbers appear?

(I got nothing in mind yet, but hopefully someone can drop in who can confirm if Chris is right.)

(Oh, wait…could it be some bonus for completing the Fuji Challenge? Did you sign up for the monthly challenge, and maybe completed it during the ride?)

It’s one mile

Completing the Everest Challenge, possibly?

Did you level up.

The 32xp would have been for completing a mile and if this made you level up you might have also got 50,000 drops depending what level you just completed which would have been the other numbers you saw.

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He did complete the Everest Challenge during the ride. Do you still get a message suggesting you ride/climb on to 50,000 metres and is the 50,000 in red?

Level 18

I don’t know. I was just making a guess given that the Tron bike unlock is at 50,000m. Bonus Drops seems more likely though.

Tron bike is at 164042 feet when the UI is configured for imperial measures

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I actually may have leveled up as i did on that climb? So maybe.

Sounds like bonus points toward Everest. I also did level up that ride, but the points sounded like what i saw.
thanks to all who worked toward an answer.

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Thanks for your help Chis, I do appreciate it!