Who is spending $350 on a fan?

to me this is madness but maybe i’m missing something?

Absolute madness for me at that price although the Rizer has a ridiculous retail price but can be picked up for significantly less so it’ll be interesting to see what the fan actually sells for.


Found it for £230 so far.

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£230 is about £210 more than i paid for mine!
connected it to a wifi plug, i have a google nest in the room anyway so can just say “okay google fan on” and it comes on as i need it!

I have the Wahoo Headwind fan.
With it set to HR, it’s brilliant.
HR goes up, fan speed goes up.
I don’t have to think about it.


To expensive for me. I would much rather see that money goes towards a climb that also streets! Oh wait they don’t have one of those yet. My Move and I miss steering! Lol

No, not missing anything.

I bet my AUD$99 industrial fan destroys it for cooling. And if something goes wrong I go to the local hardware store and buy another one.

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I have a Wahoo Headwind. 10/10 would buy that (or the new Aria) again.

Why? You’re not paying $300+ for a fan. You’re paying to never think about your fan again.

Linking it to your HRM will have it ramping speed up and down with your level of exertion. Never will you get on your bike having forgotten to switch on the fan.

Same reason I insist on any car I own having cruise control: I pay money for things in my life that “reduce friction”.

Amortize the outlay over the hundreds of rides I’ve done (often 5 days a week) or will do in future, it works out to pennies a ride.


I think you might be over estimating how much i think about my fan currently.

I only really want it on/off - i can do this by yelling at my google nest - that works for me! I never have to worry about not turning it on.

i think this would increase friction for me if anything.


I have both.

Still thinking to loose the cheap fan and buy a second wahoo. Works like a charm

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can’t work that well if you want to buy another one :wink:


on sale today for Amazon Prime day, Wahoo Headwind going $210, regularly $300


good enough for me too, and i think i paid half that. i added a remote socket for about another $10 or equivalent. i also have one of those vacmaster/lasko things but they do not move air as well so i don’t use it

Hi Otto_Destruct

One question. With your Wahoo Headwind, can you wake up your fan with your HRM or do you have to power it up and down always?

You press a button on the fan to wake it up - it automatically connects to HR strap once you put it on.

Or if you forget, you can wake it up from your bike via the Wahoo app. Easy.

This hasn’t been my experience.

My Wahoo Headwind fan automatically wakes up. There is literally zero interaction required - put on HRM, Headwind fan starts blinking (in step with heartbeat) then spools up.

Take HRM off, Headwind senses lack of HR, shuts off/goes to standby mode.


Now i´m confused, is it automatic or manual…

Put on the HR monitor, the Headwind sees it and turns on.
When the HR monitor goes to sleep, it turns off.
The only reason this would not work is if there was power interruption to the Headwind - outage, on a switched outlet, unplugged, etc. If that happens, simply press the main power button, and the Headwind will remember what “mode” it was in, HR, speed, manual.

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It’s automatic. There would be ZERO reason for this fan to exist if it weren’t automatic.

For the last three years, I’ve been running a pair of these: Amazon.com
Switched by one of these: Amazon.com
And then one of these for the upper body: Amazon.com
The Lasko blowers are on the floor under the Wahoo desk and are aimed at my feet. I had them blowing higher but my knees were getting too cold. I suppose I could run knee warmers but that seemed stupid (maybe I need to revisit that) and the air flow works very well for cooling. The desk mounted remote switch allows me to control the fans during warm up. I run them during nearly all events but they’re not on for the first 5 minutes of warm up with Maria (or Mig, or Coco).
The Rowenta is aimed at my head/upper body with the remote double stick taped to the desk. Same thing, off for warm up, then start at medium and turbo during an event.
Yeah, this sh*t costs a bundle now, I think the Lasko’s were 60 bucks/whack and the Rowenta was 70 bucks when I bought them three years ago. I’ve used the Wahoo Headwind and this rig blows way better. I imagine two of the Headwinds would be pretty good but probably not as good as what I’m running other than the need to remember to turn the fans on or off as needed. I do get a reminder to turn them on when the sweat runs into my eyes…

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I have 20" commercial fan I bought at home Depot for $45.

It’s awesome.

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