Fan Integration

I was riding along the other day and had a cool (literally) idea.   What about a fan that you can have in front of you that automatically changes as you ride…downhills and the faster you go the more intense the wind from it would be…up hills it would be less and even a way you could feel the draft from other riders!    I am not sure it is even possible but would be cool to have a “smart” fan!   

Not sure how feasible it is, but some people kicked around the idea and even went far enough to spec out some ways to do it and some potential problems on the facebook zwift riders page:

Thanks!    And I thought I was being innovative!     LOL  

Make one ANT+ that can be linked up to the speed on zwift.

I understand the idea and think it’s funny, but I would rather have the fan blowing a bit harder when I am going up, not down. Going up really makes me sweat :stuck_out_tongue:

I build such a device and made a manual about it as well. You can also use it with your heart rate or power output to cool harder when cycling harder.