Cooling Fan Recommendations for Zwift Rig

I’ve been using a cheap box fan sitting on a coffee table for a cooling fan while riding Zwift.  However, even on it’s high setting, I can hardly feel the breeze it produces even though it’s only a about 2 ft. from me.  Soooo… I’m looking for something different.

I’m thinking that a floor fan with a remote control might be the best.  A floor fan won’t fall off the coffee table (like mine did several times :slight_smile: and can be pivoted to blow air where I want it.  I think a remote is necessary because I don’t necessarily want to be cooled off when I’m just starting my ride in my 60 degree (F) basement, but I do want to turn-up the fan after I’m warmed-up without having to get off the bike.

A fan I’m considering buying like the one below which is for sale on Amazon for about $70.  That’s pretty expensive for a fan, so I’d like some input from others before I spend that kind of money.  Some of the reviews state the fan is noisy, but I’m not sure you’re going to be able to find a fan that moves a lot of air and makes no noise(?)

What fan do you use or recommend? 


I’ve used a similar fan for years.  It is great for cooling, and I rarely use the highest speed.  Yes it is noisy due to the air volume.  But headphones solve that issue for me.  I sweat a lot, and I’m not sure I could comfortably ride indoors with any other type of fan…well maybe one of those 4ft square ones you see on football sidelines. 

I have a Lasko similar to the one in your photo. It is fairly noisy but as you say I don’t think that can really be helped. I don’t think it’s any noisier or quieter than any other fan of a similar size and power. Definitely get one with a remote. That makes things so much nicer.

I recommend a fan on a pedestal that will place it eye level to provide maximum cooling effect.

I have a Lasko 16" 45 deg off to my left about 3 feet from me. Ideally I’d like it directly in front of me but then I wouldn’t be able to see my TV :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input, everyone!

I bought a Vornado fan this year to use for my indoor trainer setup. It’s very quiet (I’ve only used it on the low setting) and provides plenty of air circulation to keep me cool. I have not dripped an ounce of sweat this winter. And previously I had used a cheap box fan, and I’d be dripping water.

This is the fan I got. It sits on the floor, but you can swivel it upwards. I paid around $90, it was on sale one day on Amazon:


Thanks Eva… now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!  Heck, I’d be happy if I was half as sweaty as I get, much less dry :slight_smile:

I’ve got one of these:

only need fan setting 1 to stay nice and cool.

I use one very similar to what Jeffrey uses.  It works great.  I may supplement with a pedestal fan to simply add flow from a different angle.  Since it is placed on the floor my sweatguard blocks a little air to the torso area.