Fan recommendations

I thought I didn’t need a fan until the hot weather came in… I really need a fan for my Zwift setup :rofl:

What fans are you guys/girls using?

I want it to be quiet but powerful enough for a nice breeze. Links would be good, especially Amazon Prime links…


I use one of these for biking and another for running: Lasko 1843 18″ Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan with Built-in Timer, Black Features Oscillating Movement and Adjustable Height

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Wahoo headwind, in puls control mode, very convenient!
don’t use a towel that much since a got the fan.
just when going very hard climbing or situations like that.

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There’s a steep climb not long before London Bridge (tube station escalator). That was when I needed it most :rofl: I’ll check both of those out :+1:

Hi Ewan,
try to get a fan that has a remote with multiple settings. That way you can adjust the amount of cooling as your effort varies.

well, you don´t need that with headwind since it is controlled by heartbeats or speed, can be run in manual mode too. I hvae it set to max speed at my theshold pulse.

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Vornado makes some good stuff

$250 is a bit steep for that wahoo fan, but you don’t want a cheap $25 box fan either

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I know, sometimes they have discounts.

You can buy remote control AC plug in outlets. They are $12 at Wal Mart. They come in boxes of 1 or 3. I thought I might need 2 and thought long and hard which one to buy. I bought the box of 3 and now I run 3 fans in an unheated garage in the Winter. Its nice to warm up and just click on 1 fan at a time. The floor still gets soaked but I feel better.
I use smaller fans but probably would buy bigger fans if I did a do over.
Its nice that they are not too cumbersome but more air might be better too.
Maybe a small fan and a large fan?

12 bucks for a box of 3 (I think).

Thanks for all your comments, my budget is up to £50 ($65) because it’s a birthday present.

My TV Table in-front of the bike is the same height as the bike handlebars, so I’m thinking 50w, 3 setting table top with a remote control. Something like a Honeywell.


Ecolighters 36" Tower Fan With Remote Control - Oscillation, Portable Fan, Power Full 3-speed, 7,5 Hours Timer, Strong 50W Copper Motor,Remote control Batteries included


I really like this fan (link below). It provides a nice column of air and still gives good coverage. One of these fans has been sufficient, but I’m adding a second fan along with a smart power strip for an even better setup. My full two fan set-up is still significantly cheaper than Wahoo Headwind and provides much more cooling.

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