Vornado 533 Fans

Hi Everyone,

I need to up my fan game in my training room. Currently I have a ceiling fan directly above me and a cheap pedestal fan aimed to the side of me at a 45 degree angle and about half way through a ride I cannot even feel any air movement.

I was looking at grabbing a couple Vornado 533 fans to put in front of me slightly to the side on the left and right.

Has anyone used these fans. They are pretty small so I’m not sure if they will have enough airflow to really do anything. The room they will be in is only a 3x3m room.

Wondering if I would be better off with one bigger fan. Dont really want to go down the “Industrial blower” style path because its getting a bit too expensive in Aus.

Your Aus compatriot, GP Lama has a couple of good vids on fans here and here on the Wahoo Headwind

I have one about that size above my monitor blowing on my head an body. Then a bigger one on the floor at my front wheel blowing on my legs.

I would consider only using smaller ones mounted above an on the sides of my screen.

Use this fan. Awesome but much cheaper than Headwind.

Would love a blower style fan but they seem impossible to find in Australia. Which is weird because its stupidly hot here!