Fan position in garage

I have my treadmill in my garage, about half way back, at a 90 degree angle to the wall.

Yesterday I bought this fan:

I put it at one end of the garage with the roller door up to blow cool air into the garage, I could feel the breeze from it, but could move it closer to feel more airflow, however, is there any advice on where to put it?

Would it be better on the other side of the garage, with no open door to blow hot air from inside towards the open door creating some sort of draft effect, or ignore all that and just point it at me?

Could possibly get a smaller fan to sit on top of the treadmill motor housing shown in the photo pointing slightly upwards?

do you have a little room to the right of the treadmill? if so I’d put it there and aim it towards the wall and bounce the air back at yourself

Thanks. I’ll try that.

I just did a run with the fan to the rear-left of me and I could feel the breeze quite good, but I’ll experiment with your suggestion tomorrow.

More than one fan is allowed. A similar fan, mounted above your TV, and blowing down on your head and torso, would be a nice addition. Or put it on top of the cabinet on the left side of the picture and point it down.

I find that closer is better, more is better, and more directions is better. We have a fan on the front right, mounted higher and close to the face and torso, a second fan on the front left, pointed at the legs and lower torso, and a third fan (for the cycling trainer) close behind, blowing directly on the back. Each of the three adds to the overall cooling.

Definitely more than one is better, my set up is similar space wise, I have a fan near to the door to pull fresh air in and the then one at a diagonal from the floor across my body, works fine for now, planning on another wall mounted one to cool my head down before the real summer hits.