Good fan for cooling?

I am fairly new to zwift and love it so far! I have mine set up in my garage in front of a big TV!

Now that it is starting to warm up a little bit, I think I need to purchase a decent fan to keep me cool and going!

Does anyone have any favorites that don’t break the bank? I think I would like one with a remote so I can adjust the speed while riding.

I love my Vornado 9" pedestal fan. It doesn’t have a remote, but I can turn it on or off from my phone with a smart switch. I find that I don’t really need any finer control.

My wife bought me a remote controlled fan for my birthday a few years ago, but at its highest setting, it is weaker than the Vornado, so I’ve given up on it.

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Try this lasko fan from Home Depot or Walmart. It really moves a lot more air than most others. That makes a significant cooling difference!!! I swear by these fans.

I bought this and use it every ride. Remote control 3 speeds and I can tilt it with my reaching stick.

I use a $20 box fan. If you can rig an inline power strip that’s within reach, you can warm up and then turn it on when your HR gets up to speed.

I have 2 of these Lasko fans, one for my bike setup and one for the treadmill and it works GREAT:

I don’t want to say your fans aren’t great. But the high velocity cylinder fans put out so much more air. Not comparable.

I use a generic 16" Rack Fan for my upper body and head and a small turbo fan on the floor for my crotch and legs. But I would rather buy a big floor fan today.

I use a 20" floor fan bought from either Amazon or Ebay… Icant remember which now, great cooling though!