Cooling Fan

Can anybody suggest a good standing electric fan to use? I had a Sealey one from amazon that worked really well except it was very noisy, stood about 5’6” high, last week it jammed a fan blade whilst I was training. The resulting bang from this really shocked me.

I have 2 of these (one for biking and one for running):

They work great.

The more the better.

One of these:

Two of these:

And when it get really warm I turn on this one (it is a bit noisy)


i have something like this on the ground facing up at me from the front of the bike. this thing is loud as a jet but moves a TON of air:

and then just a regular standing fan on the side of me:

i also have a window open on the other side of me, so the standing fan is blowing air over me and out the window.

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Has anyone tried one of these: ASDFGH Bladeless Fan, Air Cooler Floor-standing Remote Control Cooling Fan, Negative Ions Safety Air…
From Amazon ???

Wahoo Headwind. Expensive. Brilliant.

I got a bluetooth Philips Hue as a remote control I can turn the fan remotely on and off.

I got a Honeywell floor standing fan, has a nice big radius:

That’s crazy expensive.
get the same from a nice large diameter honeywell fan with Philips Hue smart plug for remote control.
See my links above.

Not the same - power, direction, links to HR, speed etc. But it is crazy expensive yes. I think it is worth it, personally but I recognise that many people think otherwise.

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What do you use the Philips Hue remote control for? Doesn’t the fan already have its own remote control?

No. It’s a fairly inexpensive fan.
So I start off the workout with the fan off, once I work up enough heat, I turn it on remotely with the Philips Hue Smart Wall Plug using the iPhone Philips Hue app.

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Lasko pro performance pivoting. A more concentrated are flow and quiet. I like it as I keep it off my face to avoid completely drying out my contact lenses, kind of neck to midsection area.

I may buy a Klarstein Sommerwind Pedestal Fan if I can find one.

Although I have just found a Lux Voice Activated Fan that may interest some people

I like the wide diameter Honeywell, it cools off my face that sweats a lot and my legs too and is very affordable.
I take off my prescription glasses when I zwift. Perhaps you should ride without the contact lenses.

more importantly, do you zwift in a treehouse? :crazy_face:

I’m a bush pilot and spend the season in a camp, so I bring my bike and Wahoo Kickr with me to keep fit, set it up in our gazebo.

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