Beginning Zwift

Hi All, I’ve started back road biking in a big way, but I don’t always get an opportunity to go out due to having a young child, busy work schedule, poor light/weather etc… (not that I’m making excuses).
I’ve heard of Zwift, and been recommended to me by numerous people as a means to keep fitness up when it’s not possible to go out.

I’ve got my eye on the Wahoo Kickr, I already have quite a decent spec gaming laptop so I’m confident I have the computer to run it, but aside from the Wahoo Kickr will I need anything else to use Zwift?

Hi @James_Jeffery welcome to Zwift. I suggest you have a read of this ZwiftInsider Getting Started, lots of useful stuff.

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I’d buy an ANT+ dongle so the kickr can connect to the laptop (Bluetooth often has issues).

And I’d make sure you have a fan or two.

Hi James. The article Richard references is great. I would add a few things:
-A matt to protect your floor and to give your bike/trainer a bit of cushion.
-Wear gloves to capture sweat to help protect your bike.
-A headband of some sort to do the same. Amazing how much more you’ll sweat on the trainer.

I use two fans: A Wahoo Headwind in the front connected to my heart rate monitor via bluetooth, which increases speed automatically as my HR goes up (awesome), and a tall fan in the back. I usually have extra water and energy gels/bars on a table next to my bike in the event I underestimate my ride/workout and need some energy. Good luck, have fun and Ride ON!

Thank you all for the responses and advice, sounds like Fans is a big one though which I did not even consider. I’ll take all your responses on and look forward to possibly seeing you on Zwift.