Newbie help - please on selecting a bike

(Luke Murrell) #1

Hi EVeryone im sure you see these little posts all the time but im a complete novice who needs to set up a indoor trainer for personal reasons and hence i have just ordered a Wahoo Kicker to get me started as ive only just discovered Zwift ( shock horror ! :slight_smile:)
However i need help with buying a bike and have seen this one.
I wont be going outdoors at all and will be a Zwift addict ( thats the plan at least)
My question is does this bike seem to be suitable for Zwift and a Wahoo Kicker to give me a good experience
any help greatly appreciated
Im 5ft 10 and 106kg so need the big to lose some weight
below is the add and its specs

thanks again

Selling my Melbourne Bicycle Centre ULTRA R3 Carbon Road/Race bike.

Bike was worth $2199 when purchased new a few years ago.

I used it to cycle to work for a few years and did a few triathlons.

All the gears change perfectly and I have kept it maintained/lubed and running smooth.

It has full Shimano 105 groupset (gears and brakes)

Mavic Aksium Race Wheels

Carbon fibre forks

Carbon fibre handlebars

Carbon fibre seat post

Bike weight is only 9.2kg

Frame size is 53cm

Installed are Maxxis ‘re-fuse’ puncture proof tyres

The bike is in excellent condition.

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #2

your bike is good, just make sure you use that huge steel quick-release provided with KICKR and tighten it regarding user manual and you’re good to go. And since you bike is fixed vertically, try not to shake it too much as you would do in real life, riding on a smart trainer is a bit different.

Ride on

(Kevin Ct) #3

If you (really) wont be going outside with it, you dont need carbon and all the weight weenie or aero bits. You really just need to prioritize a frame geometry and size you are comfortable with, good pedals and shoes, and a decent drivetrain like the shimano 105 on that bike. You also want your rear wheel to be true, and at least the rear wheel to have a good hub.

Basically what Im saying is you can save money on prioritizing the parts of the bike that make you move in zwift, and saving cash on stuff that doesn’t…if you truly wont be going outside I suppose.

(tim) #4

I would suggest finding a used aluminum framed bike with 11 speed gearing like shimano 105-5800. There are plenty of used aluminum bikes out there for far less money. You don’t need a lightweight carbon frame, nor do you need high end wheels. If you are getting a Wahoo KICKR, you will be removing your gear cluster from your rear wheel and putting it on the Kickr.