Cooling techniques when training on Zwift

Hi, I was just wondering what products/techniques people use to keep a comfortable temperature whilst training and what they think of them? Thanks!

A fan is an absolute must

Two fans, one in front and another behind; plus, an open window with a fan stuck inside of it to circulate air (which also helps to keep CO2 under control).

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Three fans! And a cool basement. Previously I used air conditioning sometimes.

For longer rides I also chill the drinks in advance.


Cool drinks are definitely a must when it’s warmer. If I had central air conditioning, I’d definitely crank it up as needed.

I just used to open the window, and plenty to drink

Small but powerful air mover/fan in front of me. And an openable window, which works well in Iowa in the winter :slight_smile: But I also try to keep other doors open for air flow. A fan will generally work better to cool when it’s able to circulate a larger mass of air. If you’re in a small room without much ventilation, there won’t be anywhere for the humidity to go, and a big fan will be just blowing humid air on you.

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Dedicated HVAC and dehumidifier, and two air turbines inside the ductwork to manage air flow into the room… the key is to keep relative humidity under 35%… zero smells in my gym (no hidden mold).

Fans to provide breeze feeling are great -but not enough. Somehow you got to manipulate the gym climate independently from the main building… above all, during fall/spring -that’s when indoor relative humidity skyrockets…

Fans are a must particularly in hot climates. I use a Headwind blowing from bottom up which helps to keep the trainer relatively free of sweat in the important areas and cools me from below. I also have two overhead fans, one pointing down and from the rear, the other pointing down and from the front. All are automated so I don’t need to worry about turning them on and off.

A ceiling fan has worked perfectly for me for more than 3 years. Oh and placing the bike parallel to opening windows that you can reach.

Use a small industrial fan. Works great.

Two x 20inch fans, one at floor level aimed towards legs/lower body, and the other fan level with head blowing at face/upper body.

That with a sweat band, and I never ever drip any sweat on the floor/trainer.