How about Wind?

So has there been thought on creating an algorithim to simulate the effects of wind? Or is there too much downside to that type of thing, in terms of people not wanting to deal with it. It could be interesting. It could be interesting the way it affects group riding dynamics, and drafting. A simple way could even be to create the impression of wind by adding, or subtracting an x factor to a rider’s weight depending on the orientation of the road to create the appropriate amount of drag/impediment of the wind, or subtracting weight in the case of a tailwind. All you’d need is wind direction markers by the side of the road, and/or some flags. Let’s face it, no wind is a little weird. Huh? Huh? Good idea.

CVRcade has wind and it’s one of the things in it that works pretty well. Into the wind your resistance goes up and your speed comes down. Behind the resistance goes down and your speed goes up. Cross winds allow you to draft in echelons. I agree, Zwift should have this to add some realism to racing. Maybe no group rides but it could be optional.

Maybe they can implement the data from this site, for example, then you can use the wind of that moment.

I would prefer that our olde friends at Zwift spend some more time getting the peleton physics a little more on the side of realism before frigging around adding other calculations which complicate the experience even more. Please do not add wind, cornering or any stupid game type add ons. The beauty in cycling is its simplicity and rather than going for a hybrid synthetic experience try and make it as ‘real’ as possible within its basic mechanism. Anyone who has ever ridden in a decent group understands that zwift has a way to go yet. Really love it overall though, so no criticism intended.


Yeah the overall experience is great! I don’t know but wind could be an organizing principle for the shapes a group assumes. It certainly is outdoors. At the same time, I’m not sure why we have things like virtual rain, and darkness. But like anything, variety keeps things changing and interesting…which is important indoors.

I would like wind, Zwift already use Cda to calculate drag. They can increase it when you go into the wind and reduce it when the wind is from behind.

The event will start with wind in a random direction indicated on the mini map, as you go around you will have wind depending what direction you go. The wind should remain the same for the whole event.

This will help strong riders get away going into the wind and the pack chase them down.