Wind directi0on and speed


(Chris Bragg) #1

Hi Zwift - went for a real ride today and it is amazing how much riding into the wind affects your general speed, is this something that could be emulated on the platform as extra resistance when riding into the wind… giving even more reality. Also meaning drafting has added bonus of being out of the wind direction and speed, it could be random direction and speed every day.

(Bill Kipper) #2

Great idea. A windsock in the map could show wind direction and force. Headwind would cause double draft, tailwinds would reduce or eliminate draft. Crosswinds could force echelon formation in races if we could select position while drafting with arrow buttons (when no intersection is available). Once the road is ‘full’ another echelon would have to form. Perhaps the elbow flick command could be used to bring the next rider up and automatically rotate the lead rider to the back of that echelon.

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #3

Yes please this will be nice, even if we cant steer our bikes. This will make racing very interesting you can watch the wind and when the road turn and you have the wind at your back you can try for a break.