Introduce Wind resistance

(Peter Stettner (DFW)) #1

Have the wind change on a regular basis - direction and speed - that way it can vary our rides even more on a regular basis - Makes Drafting even more important.

(Ride ide Safely) #2

I would really like to have a feature like this but that you could set manually. That way I would be able to lower my avg workout distance as my cycle ops fluid 2 is very badly implemented in zwift and reports way more distance traveled than it should and the only way to get more realistic numbers is tu inflate my rider weight. if i could decide to add a front wind to my rides i would nt neet to cheat my weight in orer to compensate for the extra speed that my training is giving me.

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #3

I can’t see this being practical especially for those that use this as a training tool, you want constants so that you can see yourself improving on standard laps.

(Matt Canna) #4

Wind resistance as it relates to average speed on a track where you essentially wind back were you started doesn’t really matter.

Honestly here is what i firmly believe average speeds and zwift and there translation to the real world.  They are within 2 to 1 mph difference if you are honest about your weight, and you have a power source that is reasonably accurate.

The real detractor is rolling into and out of stops. 

(. TomH..) #5

Hi Peter, 

This is something we don’t have currently on the radar but I will add it to the request list for you. 

Ride On!

(A. Strozer) #6

If a wind resistance feature is added, just make sure that it is optional if it actually affects performance. Can’t stand riding in the wind!

(Mark Svara) #7

I completely agree with this feature. I spent all winter riding in zwift and today my first attempt outdoors I was reminded that my 325w are insufficient for headwinds. If I could compare my hills were about 6% but felt like 16% on zwift. Unfortunately I don’t have a power meter to measure.