Who is spending $350 on a fan?

My fan was free. Found it in the basement! Have found 3 fans there. They all work perfect haha! And if Ill buy a new one I won’t buy anything more expensive than 30€. All the stuff around cycling are starting to get ridiculous…my bib shorts is always from aliexpress 20€. But then I need a Club jersey when I compete and that is 100€ witch is way to much…cycling shoes are also getting redicolus expensive 3-400€…bike is almost 10 years old now but works perfectly and looks better than most bikes out there. I might buy a new one but then I also thinking…why…im more into getting my watts up…having a bike for 5-6k is ridiculous if your not having 4-5w/kg ftp according to me…


well, if you’re gonna spend, a good fan is pretty nice to have. if you overheat during an effort then you can pretty much write off the rest of your training for the day… it’s just that good fans are cheap

I use a simple industrial fan. About 40€. Connected to a smart plug and in combination with a very effective dehumidifier. Works for me.

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For the last three years, I’ve been running a pair of these:

I’ve got the same one. I point it at my upper body and head, and have a smaller cheapo Amazon fan pointed at my feet. I also got mine a few years ago when it was cheaper, but this slightly smaller one probably works as well.


I need my fan on full blast all the time even for a Z1 recovery ride, and my fans are plugged into the same power strip as my smart bike (or trainer when I was using one) so everything gets turned on/off together. More power to ya if you want one, but I’ve got no need for the blingy fans.

Personally, I’d want a fan controlled by Zwift, so it can increase and decrease the speed based on the virtual ride. Nothing’s stopping me from having ambient fans always blowing, but I want better “immersion” into the virtual setting. I want a slower fan when I’m crawling up a hill, and so on.

In the meantime, I have a couple fans on Siri-controlled outlets, so I can turn on the fans after I’ve started riding. But I can’t really control their intensity, and that’s annoying to me.

Why not a fan controlled by your HRM? I wouldn’t want an expensive fan controlled by some software I might stop using someday.

Why not a fan not only going slower when you are crawling up a steep hill, but give it a heating function so you get 40ºC temperatures if you are in summer and riding in the middle of the day.

It would be so awesome and give you a lot of immersion! :cowboy_hat_face:

Might need a signed waver when you buy it that you are responsible for managing your own health issues that might arise from dehydration and overheating. :wink:

The wahoo kickr fan does this, you can control it by speed of your trainer. If you’ve done you’re Zwift settings right, you pedal faster on the flats, than the uphill.

It would be ideal if the fan were coupled with a body temperature sensor!

The Elite Aria fan can connect to a CORE temperature sensor (ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart) to control fan speed based on your body temperature.

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