White screen during ride

Lower main screen: Zwift - goes white occasionally. Uppers screen a movie or YouTube. Left screen discord stream with my camera and zwift broadcasting.

What device are you using for Zwift.

Looking at it I’d say it’s a Windows setup with multiple monitors.

With a Nvidia RTX 2070 super GPU

64GB RAM. Holy cow.

I’m a former IT man and worked at a time when desktop PC’s had 1Mb of RAM. 4 x 256Mb sticks.

How times have changed.

Have you tried running in Full Screen as opposed to Windowed?

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Not seen this reported elsewhere. All bets are off with the current game update though.

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It’s a second hand rig. I got a smoking deal on it before COVID when my old zwift laptop died. Came with the tower, monitor, sub, mouse and keyboard for $1k. I’ve ridden twice with it doing that. After the first ride, I reinstalled from the zwift website. I haven’t tried full screen yet. Maybe my next ride I’ll try that.

I have 3 monitors as well and run Zwift in windowed mode with borderless gaming. I have not seen this.

I really hope that fan is pulling. :wink:

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I believe it is. I broke the glass panel when moving so there is a LOT of airflow in there. :sweat_smile: