Which treadmill - to Shua or to Sole?

I am looking to purchase a treadmill. Looking at the following 2:

Shua X8

Sole F85

If you have one of these, please share your thoughts with me.

Thank you!

I haven’t tried either of these treadmills myself but the Sole F85 is officially supported which means it was tested by our testing team and worked well. There are too many treadmills for our team to test them all though so just because the Shua isn’t on the list doesn’t mean it won’t work as well, just that our team hasn’t tested it.

Thank you Lucas. There are just so many out there, it makes it difficult to choose.

My F85 has 7+ thousands miles and 5 years… after owning a few, over the years, when it dies, I would replace it with another Sole…