Sole ST90?

Anyone know if the new Sole ST90 works with Zwift? It looks like it’s using the same tablet/software as the F85, but nothing on the site really says. Should would be nice if there was a standard everyone used… LOL


Did you ever figure this one out? Interested as well myself.

Yes it works! I’ve been using the ST90 for a while now and it sends speed and incline. The slats feel about the same as the Tread+ slats, and it’s quieter. The down side is it’s slower to respond to changes in speed and elevation (same as my old Sole) and it doesn’t have any kind of jump or programable speed buttons. If you want to go from 3mph to 5 mph, you have to hold the button down until it gets there. I hope they fix this with a software update.

Really appreciate the quick response, this helps out a lot. It’s definitely time for an upgrade for me and this looks like the one. Looks like it might be a little difficult to do super fast short intervals based on your comments, but, everything else is exactly what I’m looking for…without having to spring for a Woodway

No problem. I looked at the Woodway and just couldn’t see spending that much (~$16K for what I wanted). You can program intervals into the ST90 if that works for you. It also has a HR mode that’s pretty cool and a few other programs. It’s the manual control that annoys me.

So far I’ve had no issues.