2023 - sole f65/f80/f85 vs horizon AT 7.4/7.8 vs?

Hey everyone,

I think I narrowed down my selection to these two treadmills for zwift. Was leaning towards the f65 until I saw their 2023 model dropped the motor from 3.25 CHP to 3.0 CHP (vs the 7.4’d 3.5 CHP).

Is either of these better than the other? Is there a different brand that I should be looking at? Auto incline would be awesome, but I know there’s an app that can handle this.

I bought the 7.4at earlier this year and really like it. I find the ascending buttons and rollers very convenient, also the motor doesnt skip a beat and speed in zwift is consistent.

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I’ve also spent some time looking at the sole f80/f85. Both have higher CHP motors (3.5/4.0), the f85 has slightly larger rollers than the f65/f80 (2.5”/2.75”) and the f85 can also decline 6 degrees. There’s a big price jump from the f65 up through to the f85… thoughts?