SOLE TT8 - Different pace than Zwift

Today was my first run on Zwift with my SOLE TT8 treadmill. I connected the treadmill to the Zwift app and noticed that Zwift was always 2 or 3 seconds slower in pace than what is being displayed on the screen of the treadmill. I was under the impression they would be the exact same. Do I have something configured wrong in the Zwift app?


I am debating about getting that treadmill. Did you ever get it working? Do you like it? I just talked to “tech support” at Sole and all 3 people I talked to really weren’t that helpful in answering definitely if it worked. I assume it does since it is listed on Zwift’s compatibility page but it seems that nobody is staying on top of the list.

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Never heard anything back from zwift but the treadmill is nice.

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I have a TT8, which was purchased in 2019. The speed on the console and shown in Zwift are within 0.5%. E.G. 10 minutes per mile on the TT8 is 10:03 minutes per mile in Zwift.

Really anything within 1% is spot on for these types of calculations.

Would those who own the Sole TT8 recommend it? I’m comparing a few treadmills now and like the Sole TT8 ($2500) features. I’m also considering the Spirit XT685 ($2400) and True TPS 300 ($3200).

Any feedback from Sole TT8 owners would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have a new TT8. I like it as a treadmill regardless of using with the Zwift app. I find that it loses the Bluetooth connection sometimes and then the Zwift run ‘Menu’ pops up, the avatar stops moving and then you’re done. There is NO way to re-pair. I have to shut down everything and reconnect. The TT8 has to be on first before the app is started otherwise it can’t find the Bluetooth connection.

As far as speed, the TT8 is spot-on.

I use a STRYD pod instead of the Zwift Runpod…which is horrible. It doesn’t work either and they won’t take it back. Waste of money. The STRYD works great.

The other thing that is not great is the height of the treadmill display. I’m short at 5Ft 2inand I can’t see it over it at all. I did not install the iPad holder either-that would have made it taller. So I have my laptop/TV to the right so I can see the Zwift app while I exercise.

Would I buy this treadmill again? Maybe. I wish it had 2 user program settings. It only has 1 that I can see from the manual and going thru the menu. But it seems you can save workout custom programs. The incline/decline is not automatic with the app either. I knew that before I bought. Kinda…wish it did but it’s not a deal breaker.


How do you find the Stryd?

Does the on screen reported pace/speed fluctuate much. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with the NPE Runn and it’s bouncing pace. It’s also constantly needing calibrating.

If the Stryd is more solid with it’s reported pace I might take the plunge.

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The STRYD is awesome. Steady and does not require calibrating too. I am sold on the performance so far. The price held me back but just get it and forget the price.

The TT8 has a solid motor for running, but consider your own top speed and incline needs. It tops out at around a 5 minute per mile pace.

I have been using mine with Zwift for about a month and never experienced any issues with the app on either an iPad or AppleTV. Prior to that I was just using the Sole app to short-cut running the built in programs.

It really beats dealing with the -15 degrees Fahrenheit this time of year.

The Stryd is dead simple to use. Clip it on you shoe laces and pair it with Zwift. No calibration needed.

It’s interesting getting the power data and other metrics indoors. My Polar Vantage V gives me some of it outdoors but refuses to work while stationary. I’m still wrapping my head around the differences after three weeks.

Well, I just noticed what you are referring to…my TT8 does not always pair via Bluetooth so I connect the Stryd as the treadmill Bluetooth and the Stryd ant connects as the foot pod for steps. Yeah, the Stryd is slightly slower than what the treadmill displays. If I am running at 4.0 in Zwift, the treadmill displays 4.2…and so on for any speed. Always .2 difference.

UPDATE: All of a sudden after the last Zwift update, my STRYD and Zwift game align perfectly. No more .2 difference in pace.