Any one recommend a decent treadmill , just had one a month and the running deck has split down the middle , supposed to be rated to 22 Stone ,I am 16 . It was fine until progessed to 18km pH and started to pound the deck harder .


Check out the Noble Pro series - very popular with Zwift Runners. We have the Elite 8.0 and it’s as solid as the gym ones but one-fifth of the price

My Sole TT8 is an amazing machine. Had it since the 1st week of January 2021. It is a high quality treadmill for the price. It will pair with Zwift thru Bluetooth (sometimes not) But I bought a STRYD pod and that always pairs and is spot on for speed in Zwift. So, do not need this treadmill but now that I have it, I am happy that it is durable.

Thanks Both , I will check them out

I would imagine a warranty claim will fix yours.

I suspect that if it’s split after only a month it’s had a manufacturing defect.

In my experience they’re best off being treated as a consumable part.

Hi Stuart ,yes it should be covered by warranty , my concern would be that the same would happen with a replacement , as you know when you are at the higher

KPH you are hitting the running bed pretty hard ,

I spent 8 years running almost daily on treadmills. Went through 3 or 4 decks in that time. They’re not too bad to replace if it comes to it. You could go for a thicker deck.

Ok Stuart thanks for the info , this has also scored the belt ,but I would imagine that is relatively easy to replace .

Thanks Lee

Belts are replaceable but you have to remove both rollers to do so and then it can be a pain getting the tension right.
If its scored it then it won’t be an issue but for the benefit of a warranty repair I’d ask for it to be done.
Lubrication will stop this long term.