When Zwift Worlds do not load …

Zwift runs “on top” of your default browser. So when Zwift teleports you into a riding world and it gets hung up at the “Loading (world) …” screen, then try clearing the cache of your default browser. (In my case that was Firefox.)

But just before clearing my cache, I switched my default browser to Edge (which I almost never use on that PC). Zwift returned to normal!

And then I went back to Firefox. Cleared its cache. Reset it as my default browser. Then went and restarted Zwift. Everything was working again in Zwift.

It does not run on top of your default browser.

Only the logon is using a browser and it does not use the default one, but the one installed with the OS. On a Windows PC for the Logon Process Zwift would use Edge or IE.


i have the same issue after update from 16.03.2021, cleaning cache and switch to another browser did not helped, i am using w10 laptop and firefox, also tried ccleaner… any workoround ?

Never run this on a Win10 computer.

For the login Zwift using IE or Edge on Win10 computers, it will not use Firefox even if it is the default browser.

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