Last night I was forced to run an update on my Windows 10 machine when I started up Zwift. Got this RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE error in the window instead of the usual graphics after I did the update.

I downloaded a fresh install but afterwards I got the same message. I switched my default browser from Edge to Opera as I had seen this error reported for other applications and a relationship with Edge. I didn’t uninstall Edge so likely Zwift is still trying to use it even though it isn’t the default browser.

Any ideas? I’m dead in the water.

You don’t have the choice of using a different browser behind the Zwift launcher. It’s always Edge now.

Try disabling your antivirus software temporarily.

Hi there,

exactly the same issue. I solved it by executing Webview2Setup and DXSETUP available in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift.

Good luck

@PIERRE_LURIN , Great minds think a like. I had seen on the web references to webview and other application where this error message popped up. I ran the Webview2Setup program and a reboot and I’m back up and working now. I didn’t try the DXSETUP though so not sure if that would have done anything more or not.

The good news is I’m back up and running.

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Same issue today while it has been solved yesterday. It’s incredible. Reinstalling everything.
Anything I could miss ?

@PIERRE_LURIN I too got the double whammy today. When I opened Zwift it did the “updating…” message at the bottom of the window and when it finished I opened the application again and the same error message. The same fix worked again but really a pain.

Am I reading this right Edge has to be your default browser to use Zwift?

The Zwift launcher uses a window based on Edge, but it doesn’t have to be your default browser, no.

No, edge does not have to be your default browser for Zwift to run as Dave noted.

I’m a computer science guy so I know that many applications rely on browser settings and so sometimes switching your default browser can affect how the applications work. To troubleshoot things and see if it had any impact on my Zwift problem, I changed default browsers, but the problem still existed.

Dave noted that Zwift launcher uses a window based on Edge. I don’t know that personally but if we assume Dave is correct then that would imply that even if Edge isn’t your default browser it has to be installed for Zwift to work (at least on a windows machine). In my case it had been on my machine and it was, until I started troubleshooting, my default browser.

From a side note for anyone who might read this thread. I have a Android based phone where Chrome is “assumed” by many programmers to be available. However, I don’t like the insidious nature of the big G so Chrome is disabled on my phone and I use the DuckDuckGo browser. As a result I have some applications that won’t run on my phone because the developers narrow-mindedly assumed everyone loves the big G. HOWEVER, Zwift does run fine on my phone so at least in the android environment the expected browser (Chrome) does not have to be available, though I think Dave is implying that the expected browser in Windows (Edge) would have to be available.

Hi thanks for the post. I myself happen to be a Chrome fan and it is (was) my default browser. Edge was installed and functional, yet when I started Zwift I received the error above. I’ve had to change my default browser to Edge to get Zwift to boot now, and I’m really not happy about it at all. Zwift really shouldn’t have browser dependencies in its setup at all, for all the reasons made obvious in this thread and then some. And - the documentation and the error handling should be much better.

I’m a techie myself, so manage to muddle through these issues but they happen at all then wrong times. When I only have time for a 30 minute ride and an issue like this pops up its really annoying. Or when someone else in my family has their heart set on a century and they run into an error there goes my whole day it becomes a family issue and there goes my whole day.

If Zwift wants this platform to scale they need to make it more usable across the board. As it is you need to be a bike mechanic - so tech skills on top of that are just too much IMHO.

I am sure you can make Chrome your default again. On all my PC’s I have Chrome as default.

Zwift uses the browser that comes preinstalled with the operating system, Safari for Mac and Edge for Windows. It isn’t required for it to be the default browser, but it is required to still be installed and to be up to date

Lisa, 100% agree with you on the topic of loosing a ride because of this kind of stuff. I’m probably zwifting 2X a week so 8 times a month. That means at least one of those rides (10-15% of the time) it takes me 20 minutes or more to sort out a technical problem. That usually means I miss the event I planned to join in. I hope they get a handle on this soon as I’m already starting to look at other platforms.

Sigh. Signed in to do an Alpe du Zwift today. Window froze could not get back in. Rebooted. Restarted Zwift and got the dreaded UPDATNG. Updated, then get an error GetExitCodeProcess failed code 5. Rebooted and now getting a never seen before (!) This page is having a problem Try coming back to it later.


After 90 minutes I think I fixed it. Ran WebView2Setup.exe, made Edge my default browser, rebooted and I’m back up and running.