When running a workout from a training plan, the upcoming steps are too small to read

Especially since I’m now running this on a tablet, the upcoming intervals (see below) are in a very tiny box. Even placing the tablet right in front of my bike, it’s still unreadable. I should have the ability to resize the box. Ideally it should be 3 times the size.


The steps are like:


250 watts for 5 min

free ride for 2 min



Thanks for writing in about this! Do you happen to have a screenshot of this text? 

yes, but how do i post it here? can i send it to some zwift feedback email?

You should be able to post it here, if you click on the portrait icon before submitting your reply. Is that icon not showing for you? 

there’s no icon. just a big input box

Ah I see, I’ll create a support ticket for you and if possible try placing a screenshot of what you see there. :)