Update: 1.0.9586 workout file incomplete.

10-12 Week FTP builder - Week 8 Day 5 data is missing from the workout!

Hi Mike, I’ve taken a look and it appears to be fine.  It’s a 45 minute “do what you want” workout, which is what the wavy grey area is in the visuals.  We’ll try to make that more clear in the future.

Thank you John, understood. While you are at it, could you look at 2 more things I have noticed, in workout mode during a ride, not all the “warm down” sections are actually warm downs, but ups and vice-versa! Second and most important, when the “required” Watt level changes during a section can you please add an audible alert. I would suggest that most people don’t ride with their eyes glued directly to the info bar and when the watt level changes and no arch is involved (so no sound alert). It comes as a bit of a surprise to find it has changed, can be up or down, with no alert.

Thanks again, love the system.


And wouldn’t you know it here we area a year later and the FTP builder week 8 day 5 ‘plan’ is just the same as it was. There is no message in that plan that says “do what you want,” it still looks like there’s missing plan information.

If it’s a “do what you want” day then say that in the plan, how hard is that to accomplish?

Further, what Mike mentioned above is what I’ve recently complained about, there’s no alert of any kind when you’re in ‘ramp’ mode to let you know the wattage has changed. The white numbers on grey background don’t give you any indication of a change, the number just changes. Like I said, you need to ‘flash’ the number with a color like you do when watts are too low or too high so the user knows something has changed, we don’t all look at the screen all the time. Audible is fine but some of us don’t use the sound on the system so that’s not going to help everyone.

He’s right about cool-down, sometimes it’s cool-up before cool-down, which I’ve noticed too. It makes no sense to finish you final workout with a 160 watt for 2 min and then go to cool-down at 200…see what we mean?

Finally, to reiterate, if it’s a ‘do your own thing’ day then say so, don’t just assume that people know that based on the grey wavy line. You’ve used that line before, before the day five ride has been released but it always ends up being a structured ride.

We don’t ride structured workouts to be told do what you want either…FYI. Why not just substitute one of the day 5 rides for this one instead? Now I have to go find a day 5 ride.

I think it would be nice to see some fixes to the problems rather than just moving on and telling people you’ll fix it and never doing anything. Why all this concentration on routes? Fix what you’ve built before you go on to other things…it’s sloppy not to address this stuff.