FTP Builder 6 Weeks

Hi all. I’ve finished the ftp builder (6weeks) and nothings happened. No on screen completion or any stats. I just want it to disappear off the screen when I turn on Zwift and not give me suggested “optional” rides? I’ve not done the optional rides as i ride in the outside more and have been using them as recovery rides. Shall I just do them? plan to do another ramp test at the end I of the week.

Not sure if you can just abort the plan. I don’t remember.

You can open up Zwift and check the boxes to say “I did this!” against each workout.

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Hi @Daniel_Dolton! I want to congratulate you on finishing the FTP Builder!

It’s worth mentioning that the data of the Training Plan will be reset if you enroll in a new attempt at the training plan. In addition, if you’re riding outside, you can click the “I did it!” on the bottom right corner of the day’s workout to receive credit for that outdoor activity. For more information, you can take a look at this Training Plan FAQ.

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