When paired via bluetooth, Saris Trainers cannot complete spindown through Zwift/report resistance issues

Again, many thanks. I have a Mac and an iPad Pro…no joy with either. Guess I’ll just have to wait. Frustrating, having paid a lot for the trainer, but doesn’t sound like there’s a lot I can do and I’m sure the folk at Zwift/Saris are working on it.

This has been continuous issue for me on my saris H3 - Latest firmware as of 15th of may

Hi there - I’m still having trouble when trying to pair the Saris M2 over bluetooth on my Mac. Everything is up to date w/ firmwarm etc., but when I go to the spindown calibration, it won’t accelerate > 15mph no matter how hard I pedal. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious or this has been previously addressed (didn’t see it on a quick search, but new here and still learning the ropes). Thanks for your help! -Alicia

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I’ve been having issues too… Cadence all over the place, spin down not working right… was up to date on all firmware and above beta.
With the above Rouvy wouldn’t calibrate my Cycleops Hammer… back installed to 31.059 and all of a sudden Rouvy picks up all the Hammer sensors and calibrates first time

So, having gone from the firmware that was meant to fix the spin down issues on the cycleops hammer… Which for me did nothing… Workouts were near impossible as cadence was all over the place, spin down took longer than segment and in general felt broken…
To reversing the firmback to 31. 059 and now everything working right… Spin down is pretty much spot on, cadence is soo much more stable…

Think I’ll stick with this firmware for a while :blush:

All of a sudden my M2 and ERG are not playing nicely. I calibrated the M2 using Saris and when I go into Zwift (either using Bluetooth or ANT+) ERG will kick in but not adjust to the right wattage. I checked the firmware of the M2 and it is up to date as well as the latest version of Zwift. HELP!!!