Spin down issues in Zwift

I’m fairly sure this is a commonly known issue affecting a number of people already, but yesterday I set up my Saris M2 for the first time and for the life of me could not complete the spin down/calibration in the Zwift app…

Hit the 37kph target then it just says ‘keep spinning’!! (stuck on Step 3 I think).

As I said, this seems like a known issue, just wondering if there was any feedback as to when this was going to be fixed?



Hi Tom,

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I assume you are connected over bluetooth? There is a fix for bluetooth on its way.

You can do a spindown using the Saris app. That is the preferred way to do it.

I also have a Saris M2 and using it with Bluetooth (iPad), but I never saw an option for calibration in the Zwift app???

It’s the little Spanner icon near the smart trainer in the Menu

I’ll try that later this afternoon, thanks for the update… I’m assuming once calibrated (via Saris) this will be recognised when using Zwift?

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Yes calibration is stored on the trainer.

I had very same issue, I kept spinning for 10mins thinking trainer might need a warm up, calibration sequence remained at level 3 so put the boot down and got my speed up to 50+kph and the calibration moved into level 4&5, message says it was a success so let’s see.